Budget Code of Uzbekistan

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Field Value
Extractive Sector Oil and Gas
Country Uzbekistan
Year 2013
Natural Resource Charter Precept Precept 5: Local Effects, Precept 7: Revenue Distribution, Precept 8: Revenue Volatility, Precept 9: Government Spending
Document Type Statute
RGI Sub-component Sovereign wealth funds
RGI Questions 2.1.2a: Does the country have a numerical fiscal rule?,
2.1.2b: Do rules require that an external body periodically monitor the government's adherence to the numerical fiscal rule?,
2.2a: Does the central government transfer extractive resource revenues to subnational governments?,
2.2b: Are there specific rules governing the transfer of extractive resource revenues (i.e. are these rules distinct from those governing other types of transfers)?,
2.2c: Do rules specify that subnational governments of producing areas should receive a higher share of extractive resource revenues than those of non-producing areas?,
2.2.4a: Do rules require that an external body periodically audit the transfers of extractive resource revenues to subnational governments?,
2.3.1b: Do rules require that withdrawals and spending from the sovereign wealth fund pass through the national budget?,
2.3.1c: Are there numeric rules governing the size of deposits into the sovereign wealth fund?,
2.3.3b: Is the sovereign wealth fund prohibited from investing in certain asset classes or investment types?,
2.3.5b: Is the sovereign wealth fund required to publicly disclose these annual financial reports?,
2.3.5c: Do rules require an external body to periodically audit the sovereign wealth fund's annual financial reports?
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Are the RGI questions here tagged with law and/or practice Law
Publisher Legal Information Centre of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan
Author Legal Information Center Ministry og Justice
Source or API link http://lex.uz/pages/getpage.aspx?lact_id=2304140
Version 2017 Resource Governance Index
Maintainer Natural Resource Governance Institute
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