Natural Resource Revenue Dataset

NRGI recognises that there is a lack of definitive data on the total oil, gas and mining revenues that go to governments around the world. We have compiled this dataset by pulling together data from EITI, IMF and ICTD and calculating variables for comparison.

This dataset will be updated on a quarterly basis and country and year coverage will expand as the data becomes available from the original sources. [Last upate 10-Dec-2019]

This dataset is a continuation of work discussed in the Blog: Countries Struggling with Governance Manage $1.2 Trillion in Resource Wealth and the accompanying dataset:

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Natural Resource Charter Precept Precept 4: Taxation, Precept 7: Revenue Distribution, Precept 8: Revenue Volatility
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Version 2.0
Author Anna Fleming
Author Email Anna Fleming
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