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  • Reform to the contract model of joint ventures 2009  Oil and Gas  Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

    Question 1.2.6a: Is the government required to make all payments to the national treasury or deposit them into a national resource account, aside from amounts legally retained...
  • Reform to model contract for joint ventures  Oil and Gas  Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

    Question 1.1.3b: Prior to each licensing process, is the licensing authority required to disclose a list of biddable terms or negotiable terms?, 1.1.4b: From 2015 onwards, and...
  • Diccionario Municipal de Guatemala  Mining  Guatemala

    Question 2.1a: When does the country's fiscal year start and end?
  • ANPM Annual Report 2009  Oil and Gas  Timor-Leste

    Question 1.1.6a: From 2015 onwards, and after each licensing process, did the licensing authority actually disclose the list of companies that submitted license applications (in...
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