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  • Law of special economic assignments originated from mines and hydrocarbons  Oil and Gas  Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

    Question 2.2b: Are there specific rules governing the transfer of extractive resource revenues (i.e. are these rules distinct from those governing other types of transfers)?,...
  • Law 12.304/2010 PPSA  Oil and Gas  Brazil

    Question 1.4a: What proportion of equity shares does the government own in extractive companies?
  • Resolução 29 - ANP  Oil and Gas  Brazil

    Question 1.1.10a: From 2015 onwards, has the government publicly disclosed signed licences/contracts?
  • ANPM Annual Report 2010  Oil and Gas  Timor-Leste

    Question 1.1.6a: From 2015 onwards, and after each licensing process, did the licensing authority actually disclose the list of companies that submitted license applications (in...
  • Law 12.351/2010  Oil and Gas  Brazil

    Question 2.2c: Do rules specify that subnational governments of producing areas should receive a higher share of extractive resource revenues than those of non-producing areas?
  • Organic Law of the General Comptroller Office  Oil and Gas  Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

    Question 1.2.6c: Is the national tax authority required to periodically be audited by an external body?, 1.4.3b: Do rules require a periodic audit of the SOE's financial...
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