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  • Law of Conservation of Environment & Prevention of Pollution  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.3.1b: Is there a requirement for the EIA and/or SIA to be publicly disclosed?
  • Data Analysis- National Statistics for Data Information  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.2d: Does the publicly available registry of licenses/contracts give the names of companies that hold an interest in a given area/block?, 1.1.2c: Does the publicly...
  • Oman – EPSA (PSC) Fiscal Terms Guide  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.2a: What is the fiscal system for extractive resources?, 1.4a: What proportion of equity shares does the government own in extractive companies?, 1.1c: What licensing...
  • Oman Oil Company Brochure  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.4.6b: Does the SOE publicly disclose its aggregate sales volume?, 1.4.9d: Does the SOE publicly disclose a list of its subsidiaries?, 1.4.6a: Does the SOE publicly...
  • Global transfer pricing review - KPMG  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.2.5f: Who is the tax authority (i.e. who has the authority to collect taxes and payments from extractive companies)?
  • Analytical Study of Sovereign Wealth Funds’ Strategies and Policies  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 2.3.1b: Do rules require that withdrawals and spending from the sovereign wealth fund pass through the national budget?, 2.3.6c: From 2015 onwards, has the legislature...
  • Royal decree - 64/78  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.3.7a: Are there rules governing compensation to landowners or land users when project development interferes with their access to or use of land?
  • Oil & Gas Law (8/2011)  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.9a: Is the government required to publicly disclose all signed licenses/contracts with extractive companies?, 1.4.7a: Are there rules that govern how the SOE should...
  • BP in Oman  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.10a: From 2015 onwards, has the government publicly disclosed signed licences/contracts?
  • IFSW-SGRF Santiago Principles  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 2.3.5a: Is the sovereign wealth fund required to produce annual financial reports?
  • Law of income tax on companies  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.2.5e: For countries using production sharing agreements, do rules specify the company and government production shares?, 1.2.6c: Is the national tax authority...
  • Oman bid round 2014  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.9a: Is the government required to publicly disclose all signed licenses/contracts with extractive companies?
  • Code of Conduct - ORPIC  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.4.10a: Does the SOE have a publicly available code of conduct?
  • Oman human rights report  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.8a: From 2015 onwards, have senior public officials publicly disclosed their financial holdings in extractive companies?, 1.1.7a: Are senior public officials...
  • Ministry of Oil and Gas website Oman  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.8b: From 2015 onwards, have the beneficial owners of extractive companies been disclosed?, 1.1.10a: From 2015 onwards, has the government publicly disclosed signed...
  • The State General Budget for the Financial Year 2015  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 2.2b: Are there specific rules governing the transfer of extractive resource revenues (i.e. are these rules distinct from those governing other types of transfers)?,...
  • Terms of Use -National Centre of Statistics & Information  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 2.1.1d: Is the data contained in the online data portal available under an open license?
  • Oman's ninth five-year development plan (2016-2020)  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 2.1.3a: Over the most recently completed fiscal year, did the government adhere to the numerical fiscal rule?
  • Oman signs concession agreement for Block 7  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.6a: From 2015 onwards, and after each licensing process, did the licensing authority actually disclose the list of companies that submitted license applications (in...
  • Practical law - Oil and gas regulation in Oman  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.10c: Who has the primary authority to monitor compliance with the operational aspects of licenses/contracts?, 1.3.1a: Are extractive companies required to prepare...
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