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    Question 1.3.7b: Are there specific procedures governing the resettlement of land users when project development interferes with their access to or use of land?
  • NSCI - 2015  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 2.1.1b: Does the online data portal contain the most recent publicly available data on reserves, production and exports?
  • Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.3.1b: Is there a requirement for the EIA and/or SIA to be publicly disclosed?
  • Oman signs with HCF for block - 7  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.10b: Has the government publicly disclosed all active licenses/contracts, regardless of when they were signed?, 1.1.6b: From 2015 onwards, and after each licensing...
  • NCSI: Average daily crude oil production  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.2.1c: Is the data disclosed on the volume of extractive resource production machine-readable?, 1.2.2a: Does the government publicly disclose data on the value of...
  • Oman 2015 budget raises state spending at expense of big deficit  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 2.3.2c: From 2015 onwards, has the government adhered to the numeric rules governing the size of withdrawals from sovereign wealth funds?
  • Tender board - Website  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.3a: Is the government required to set pre-defined criteria by which companies become qualified to participate in a licensing process?
  • PDO-Publication  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.4.5d: Does the SOE's most recent public annual report include a cash flow statement?
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