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  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Republic of Sudan  Oil and Gas  Sudan

    Question 1.2.5d: Do rules specify the withholding tax rate(s) applying to extractive companies payments?
  • Library of Laws  Oil and Gas  Sudan

    Question 1.4.7d: Are there rules that require the SOE or government to publicly disclose information on the sale of production by the SOE?
  • Improving Resources Management in Sudan  Oil and Gas  Sudan

    Question 2.3b: If there are multiple natural resource funds, which is the largest?
  • Hydrocarbon Blocks - Sudapet  Oil and Gas  Sudan

    Question 1.4.9b: Does the SOE publicly disclose its levels of ownership in joint ventures?, 1.4.9a: Does the SOE publicly disclose its participation in joint ventures?
  • General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Website  Oil and Gas  Sudan

    Question 1.1.1a: Does the government publicly disclose data on extractive resource reserves?, 2.1.1d: Is the data contained in the online data portal available under an open...
  • Fuelling Mistrust  Oil and Gas  Sudan

    Question 1.1.8a: From 2015 onwards, have senior public officials publicly disclosed their financial holdings in extractive companies?, 1.4.4b: Has the SOE publicly disclosed the...
  • Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2015: Sudan  Oil and Gas  Sudan

    Question 1.1.7a: Are senior public officials required to publicly disclose their financial holdings in extractive companies?
  • Central Bank of Sudan Annual Report 2015  Oil and Gas  Sudan

    Question 1.2.4c: Is the most recent publicly available data on tax and payment receipts disaggregated by payment type?, 2.1.5b: Is the most recent publicly available information...
  • ٍCentral Bank of Sudan Annual Report 2014  Oil and Gas  Sudan

    Question 2.1.5b: Is the most recent publicly available information on the national debt disaggregated by currency denomination (i.e. foreign or domestic)?, 1.4.8b: Does the SOE...
  • Resource Backed Loans: Annex 1

    This workbook contains the dataset of resource-backed loans which was researched and analyzed in Resource-Backed Loans: Pitfalls and Potential report (link to report above)...
  • National Oil Company Database Analysis R Code

    Code in R to replicate the analysis and plots used in the ‘Massive and Misunderstood: Data-Driven Insights into National Oil Companies’ publication. Download Zip files includes...
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