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  • Board of Directors at the Oman Oil Company  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.4.10b: Is the majority of the SOE's board of directors independent of the government (i.e. at least half of all board members do not hold positions in the current...
  • Tender law 38/2008  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.5d: Are there rules that companies can follow to appeal licensing decisions?, 1.1.5a: Following each licensing process, is the licensing authority required to...
  • Oman's Constitution of 1996 with Amendments through 2011  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1a: How does the country legally define the ownership of subsoil extractive resources?
  • Taxation on Oman  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.2.5d: Do rules specify the withholding tax rate(s) applying to extractive companies payments?, 1.2.5b: Do rules specify the royalty rate(s) applying to extractive...
  • Oman blocks  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.6c: From 2015 onwards, and after each licensing process, did the licensing authority actually disclose the list of areas/blocks allocated?
  • Ministry of Civil Service Oman  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.1.8a: From 2015 onwards, have senior public officials publicly disclosed their financial holdings in extractive companies?
  • Petrogas website  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.3.6a: From 2015 onwards, have the procedures governing rehabilitation and closure of extractive projects been adhered to?

    Question 1.1.10a: From 2015 onwards, has the government publicly disclosed signed licences/contracts?
  • Fund Profiles  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 2.3b: If there are multiple natural resource funds, which is the largest?
  • Oman Oil company publications  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.4.5d: Does the SOE's most recent public annual report include a cash flow statement?, 1.4.5e: Does the SOE's most recent public annual report include an income...
  • Media reports by Oman Oil Company  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.4.4b: Has the SOE publicly disclosed the amount spent on non-commercial activities?
  • August 2016 monthly statistical bulletin  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.4.8a: Does the SOE or government publicly disclose the volume of production sold by the SOE? , 1.4.8c: Does the SOE or government publicly disclose the date of the...
  • OOCEP annual report  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.4.9c: Does the SOE publicly disclose the costs and revenues deriving from its participation in joint ventures?, 1.4.5b: Has the SOE publicly disclosed annual reports...
  • DME Rulebook - Webiste  Oil and Gas  Oman

    Question 1.4.7a: Are there rules that govern how the SOE should select the buyers of its production?, 1.4.7b: Are there rules that determine the prices at which the SOE should...
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