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  • EITI Summary data table for Mongolia  Mongolia

    The data is published using the Summary Data Template, Version 1.1 as of 05 March 2015. According to the EITI Standard 5.3.b: "Summary data from each EITI Report should be...
  • Mongolia Macro-fiscal Model  Mongolia

    Semi-structural macro-fiscal model of the Mongolian economy and resource sector built in Excel Read further documentation here:...
  • Mining and metals tax guide Mongolia  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.2.5f: Who is the tax authority (i.e. who has the authority to collect taxes and payments from extractive companies)?
  • National Audit Office website  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 2.3.6b: Were these annual financial reports audited over the most recently completed audit timeframe?, 2.3.6a: Does the sovereign wealth fund publicly disclose its...
  • Law on information transparency  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.4.3a: Is the SOE required to publicly disclose annual reports containing information on its finances and operations?
  • Anti Corruption Law  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.1.8a: From 2015 onwards, have senior public officials publicly disclosed their financial holdings in extractive companies?, 1.1.7b: Do rules require public disclosure...
  • Min of Mining website  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.1.6a: From 2015 onwards, and after each licensing process, did the licensing authority actually disclose the list of companies that submitted license applications (in...
  • Law on State Audit  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 2.2.4a: Do rules require that an external body periodically audit the transfers of extractive resource revenues to subnational governments?, 1.4.3b: Do rules require a...
  • State budget performance & audit for 2015  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 2.2.3b: How up-to-date is the information publicly disclosed by the central government on the amount of revenues transferred to subnational governments?, 2.2.3a: From...
  • Audit report on Government's consolidated financial report for 2015  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 2.1.3b: Was the government's adherence to the fiscal rule externally monitored over the most recently completed audit timeframe?
  • Monthly note on the FIscal Stabilization Fund performance  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 2.3.2c: From 2015 onwards, has the government adhered to the numeric rules governing the size of withdrawals from sovereign wealth funds?
  • Ministry of Mining Exports Report for May 2016  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.2.2a: Does the government publicly disclose data on the value of extractive resource exports?, 1.2.2c: Is the data disclosed on the value of extractive resource...
  • Erdenes Mongol SOE Brochure  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.4.9c: Does the SOE publicly disclose the costs and revenues deriving from its participation in joint ventures?, 1.4.8c: Does the SOE or government publicly disclose...
  • EIA Reports Page  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.3.4a: From 2015 onwards, have environmental mitigation management plans been publicly disclosed?, 1.3.2a: From 2015 onwards, have EIAs and/or SIAs been publicly...
  • Investment Law  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.2a: What is the fiscal system for extractive resources?
  • MRAM Mar 2016 Report  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.1.1b: How up-to-date is the publicly disclosed data on extractive resource reserves?
  • Minerals production & export data by MMHI  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 2.1.1a: Does the government have an online data portal containing publicly available data on reserves, production and exports?
  • Erdenet Copper Mine website  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 1.4.5d: Does the SOE's most recent public annual report include a cash flow statement?, 1.4.5e: Does the SOE's most recent public annual report include an income...
  • MoF website: Stabilization Fund  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 2.3.4e: From 2015 onwards, has the sovereign wealth fund adhered to rules limiting asset class or investment types?, 2.3.2d: From 2015 onwards, has the government...
  • Mining revenue projections  Mining  Mongolia

    Question 2.1.4a: Does the government publicly disclose projections of extractive resource revenues?
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