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  • Gas Resettlement Policy  Oil and Gas  Ghana

    Question 1.3.7b: Are there specific procedures governing the resettlement of land users when project development interferes with their access to or use of land?
  • GNPC Business Investment / Joint Ventures  Oil and Gas  Ghana

    Question 1.4.9b: Does the SOE publicly disclose its levels of ownership in joint ventures?
  • Ghana National Petroleum Act 83  Oil and Gas  Ghana

    Question 1.4a: What proportion of equity shares does the government own in extractive companies?, 1.4.3a: Is the SOE required to publicly disclose annual reports containing...
  • Constitution of the Republic of Ghana  Mining  Ghana

    Question 2.2b: Are there specific rules governing the transfer of extractive resource revenues (i.e. are these rules distinct from those governing other types of transfers)?,...
  • Organization Brief (Petroleum Commission)  Oil and Gas  Ghana

    Question 1.1.10c: Who has the primary authority to monitor compliance with the operational aspects of licenses/contracts?
  • Fiscal Responsibility  Oil and Gas  Ghana

    Question 2.1.2a: Does the country have a numerical fiscal rule?
  • Model Petroleum Agreement  Oil and Gas  Ghana

    Question 1.2a: What is the fiscal system for extractive resources?, 1.2.6b: Is the national tax authority required to audit extractive companies?, 1.2.5c: Do rules specify the...
  • Ghana: Government justifies new mining tax  Mining  Ghana

    Question 1.2.5b: Do rules specify the royalty rate(s) applying to extractive companies?
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