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  • EITI Summary data table for Colombia  Colombia

    The data is published using the Summary Data Template, Version 1.1 as of 05 March 2015. According to the EITI Standard 5.3.b: "Summary data from each EITI Report should be...
  • Statistical Information ACP  Oil and Gas  Colombia

    Question 1.1.1c: Is the data disclosed on extractive resource reserves machine-readable?
  • Executive Summary EITI Report Colombia 2013  Mining  Colombia

    Question 1.1.10a: From 2015 onwards, has the government publicly disclosed signed licences/contracts?, 1.1b: Who is the licensing authority (i.e. who has the authority to grant...
  • General System of Royalties webpage, press releases  Mining  Colombia

    Question 2.3.6c: From 2015 onwards, has the legislature reviewed the sovereign wealth fund's annual financial reports?
  • Decree 2041 of 2014  Mining  Colombia

    Question 1.3.1b: Is there a requirement for the EIA and/or SIA to be publicly disclosed?, 1.3.1a: Are extractive companies required to prepare an EIA and/or SIA prior to...
  • Law 1530 of 2012 - Complete  Mining  Colombia

    Question 1.2.6a: Is the government required to make all payments to the national treasury or deposit them into a national resource account, aside from amounts legally retained...
  • Savings and Stabilisation Fund Report 2016, January  Mining  Colombia

    Question 2.3.2c: From 2015 onwards, has the government adhered to the numeric rules governing the size of withdrawals from sovereign wealth funds?
  • Ley 756 / 2002 Regalías  Oil and Gas  Colombia

    Question 1.2.3a: Is the government required to publicly disclose data on payments from extractive companies to the government?
  • Codigo Comercio - Ley 222 /1995  Oil and Gas  Colombia

    Question 1.4.3a: Is the SOE required to publicly disclose annual reports containing information on its finances and operations?
  • Procedimiento para el registro contable del desahorro del FAE  Mining  Colombia

    Question 2.3.4d: From 2015 onwards, have withdrawals and spending from the sovereign wealth fund actually passed through the national budget?
  • Mining Code, articles 227 to 230  Mining  Colombia

    Question 1.1.5b: Following each licensing process, is the licensing authority required to publicly disclose the identity of the winning bidder or applicant?
  • Empresas Autorretenedoras 2016  Oil and Gas  Colombia

    Question 1.2.5d: Do rules specify the withholding tax rate(s) applying to extractive companies payments?
  • Monthly report FAE - january 2016  Oil and Gas  Colombia

    Question 2.3.4e: From 2015 onwards, has the sovereign wealth fund adhered to rules limiting asset class or investment types?, 2.3.3b: Is the sovereign wealth fund prohibited...
  • Pagina Web EITI.org Colombia  Oil and Gas  Colombia

    Question 1.2.8a: Is the country EITI-compliant?
  • SICODIS  Mining  Colombia

    Question 2.2a: Does the central government transfer extractive resource revenues to subnational governments?
  • Law 1530 of 2012  Mining  Colombia

    Question 2.3.1a: Are there numeric rules governing the size of withdrawals from the sovereign wealth fund?, 2.3.6c: From 2015 onwards, has the legislature reviewed the sovereign...
  • Código de Petróleos  Oil and Gas  Colombia

    Question 1.1a: How does the country legally define the ownership of subsoil extractive resources?
  • Article 31 of the Mining Code  Mining  Colombia

    Question 1.1c: What licensing process does the licensing authority follow?
  • Informes del Fondo de Ahorro y Estabilización  Oil and Gas  Colombia

    Question 2.3.5b: Is the sovereign wealth fund required to publicly disclose these annual financial reports?
  • Estatuto Tributario - Hasta Articulo 21  Oil and Gas  Colombia

    Question 1.2.5a: Do rules specify the income tax rate(s) applying to extractive companies?
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