ONGC Annual Report 2014-15

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Field Value
Extractive Sector Oil and Gas
Country India
Year 2015
Natural Resource Charter Precept Precept 2: Accountability and Transparency, Precept 3: Exploration and License Allocation, Precept 6: Nationally Owned Resource Companies
Document Type Report
RGI Sub-component State-owned enterprises
RGI Questions 1.1.10a: From 2015 onwards, has the government publicly disclosed signed licences/contracts?,
1.1.8b: From 2015 onwards, have the beneficial owners of extractive companies been disclosed?,
1.4.5c: Does the SOE's most recent public annual report include a balance sheet statement?,
1.4.5d: Does the SOE's most recent public annual report include a cash flow statement?,
1.4.5e: Does the SOE's most recent public annual report include an income statement?,
1.4.9a: Does the SOE publicly disclose its participation in joint ventures?,
1.4.9b: Does the SOE publicly disclose its levels of ownership in joint ventures?,
1.4.9d: Does the SOE publicly disclose a list of its subsidiaries?,
1.4.9e: Does the SOE publicly disclose the costs and revenues deriving from its subsidiaries?,
1.4.6a: Does the SOE publicly disclose its aggregate production volume?,
1.4.6b: Does the SOE publicly disclose its aggregate sales volume?,
1.4.5a: Did an external body audit the SOE's annual financial statements over the most recently completed audit timeframe?,
1.4.4b: Has the SOE publicly disclosed the amount spent on non-commercial activities?,
1.4.10b: Is the majority of the SOE's board of directors independent of the government (i.e. at least half of all board members do not hold positions in the current central government)?
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Publisher ONGC
Author Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)
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Version 2017 Resource Governance Index
Maintainer Natural Resource Governance Institute
Maintainer Email Natural Resource Governance Institute