Loi n° 2009-026 et loi n° 2008-011 (Code Minier)

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Field Value
Sector Mining
Country Mauritania
Year 2009
RGI Edition Year 2017
Topic Beneficial ownership, Contract transparency and monitoring, Legislation and regulation, Licensing and negotiation, Mandatory payment disclosure, Measurement of environmental and social impacts, Open data, Revenue management, Revenue sharing, Subnational governance, Tax policy and revenue collection
Document Type Statute
RGI Sub-component Licensing
RGI Questions 1.1a: How does the country legally define the ownership of subsoil extractive resources?,
1.1.9a: Is the government required to publicly disclose all signed licenses/contracts with extractive companies?,
1.1.10a: From 2015 onwards, has the government publicly disclosed signed licences/contracts?,
1.1.7a: Are senior public officials required to publicly disclose their financial holdings in extractive companies?,
1.1.8a: From 2015 onwards, have senior public officials publicly disclosed their financial holdings in extractive companies?,
1.1.7b: Do rules require public disclosure of beneficial owners of extractive companies?,
1.1.8b: From 2015 onwards, have the beneficial owners of extractive companies been disclosed?,
1.1b: Who is the licensing authority (i.e. who has the authority to grant exploration and extraction rights to companies)?,
1.1.3d: Is the licensing authority independent from the SOE?,
1.1c: What licensing process does the licensing authority follow?,
1.2a: What is the fiscal system for extractive resources?,
1.2.5a: Do rules specify the income tax rate(s) applying to extractive companies? ,
1.2.5d: Do rules specify the withholding tax rate(s) applying to extractive companies payments?,
1.3.1b: Is there a requirement for the EIA and/or SIA to be publicly disclosed?,
1.3.2a: From 2015 onwards, have EIAs and/or SIAs been publicly disclosed?,
1.3.7a: Are there rules governing compensation to landowners or land users when project development interferes with their access to or use of land?,
1.3.7b: Are there specific procedures governing the resettlement of land users when project development interferes with their access to or use of land?,
1.3.5b: Are there rules governing rehabilitation and closure of extractive projects?,
1.3.6a: From 2015 onwards, have the procedures governing rehabilitation and closure of extractive projects been adhered to?,
2.2a: Does the central government transfer extractive resource revenues to subnational governments?
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Publisher Government of Mauritania
Source or API link http://www.petrole.gov.mr/IMG/pdf/loi_finale_2009_et_2008_fr.pdf
Maintainer Natural Resource Governance Institute
Maintainer Email Natural Resource Governance Institute