Federal budget law 2016

This document is part of the source library for NRGI's 2017 Resource Governance Index, a comprehensive measure of the quality of natural resource governance in oil, gas and mineral-rich countries. To access the full dataset and all other index resources, visit https://resourcegovernanceindex.org.

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Field Value
Sector Oil and Gas
Country Iraq
Year 2016
RGI Edition Year 2017
Topic Open data, Revenue management, Revenue sharing, Sovereign wealth funds, State-owned enterprises, Subnational governance, Tax policy and revenue collection
Document Type Statute
RGI Sub-component Open data
RGI Questions 1.4.1a: Are there rules governing fiscal transfers between the government and the SOE?,
2.1.2a: Does the country have a numerical fiscal rule?,
2.1.4a: Does the government publicly disclose projections of extractive resource revenues?,
2.1.4b: Has the government publicly disclosed a national budget that has been enacted for the current fiscal year?,
2.1.5a: Does the government publicly disclose the level of national debt?,
2.1.5b: Is the most recent publicly available information on the national debt disaggregated by currency denomination (i.e. foreign or domestic)?,
2.2b: Are there specific rules governing the transfer of extractive resource revenues (i.e. are these rules distinct from those governing other types of transfers)?,
2.2.2a: Do rules specify a formula governing the transfer of extractive resource revenues between the central government and subnational governments?,
2.3a: Does the country have a natural resource fund which is funded by extractive resource revenues?,
2.3b: If there are multiple natural resource funds, which is the largest?
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Publisher ministry of finance
Source or API link http://www.mof.gov.iq/pages/ar/FederalBudgetLaw.aspx
Maintainer Natural Resource Governance Institute
Maintainer Email Natural Resource Governance Institute