Jubilee Model

Oil revenue forecasting model to estimate Ghana's oil revenues for the 2015 budget.

Read the associated paper here: https://resourcegovernance.org/sites/default/files/documents/nrgi_forecastingoilrevenues_2015ghanabudget.pdf

Read the associated December 2015 model testing analysis here: https://resourcegovernance.org/blog/analysis-ghanas-2015-oil-revenue-performance-testing-model

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Additional Info

Field Value
Year 2015
Natural Resource Charter Precept Precept 4: Taxation, Precept 7: Revenue Distribution, Precept 8: Revenue Volatility, Precept 9: Government Spending
Country Ghana
Country (ISO 3-letter code) GHA
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Author David Mihalyi
Author Email David Mihalyi
Maintainer David Mihalyi
Maintainer Email David Mihalyi