RGI resource revenue & GDP data

Data on the revenue governments received from natural resources in 2014 covering the 78 countries featured in the 2017 Resource Governance Index. Data collected from centralized sources of EITI, ICTD and IMF.

Data includes:

  • Resource revenues, 2014, USD
  • Resource revenue as a share of GDP, 2014, %
  • Resource revenue as a share of total government revenue, 2014, %

This dataset was used for the analysis in this blog on ResourceGovernance.org.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Year 2014
Natural Resource Charter Precept
Country (ISO 3-letter code)
Source or API link Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) reconciled resource revenues. International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Commodity Exporters Dataset. International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD), in partnership with UNU-WIDER, Government Revenue Dataset. National published data.
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