EITI Summary Data

ResourceData.org is currently hosting government and company level payment data—so-called Summary Data—from over four dozen countries collected through the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). In total, the data includes more than 200 reporting years and more than USD 2 trillion in resource revenue payments. While the EITI International Secretariat provides the data as individual downloadable files, NRGI is making the data available in standardized files, rendering it more useful for analysis, particularly across countries and years.

The data is originally collected by country EITI multi-stakeholder groups through annual audits to comply with the EITI Standard. The EITI reconciliation process provides information on how much each government entity collected in resource revenue in a year, disaggregated by payment type (royalties, taxes, etc.). Additionally, most countries have payment data available at the company level, showing how much each company operating in that country paid in resource revenue in a given year.

The Summary Data datasets will update as countries complete their audits and submit new data to EITI. Most countries have a two to three year time lag in completing audits, so check back often on countries of interest. The most recent data was added on

As a starting point for interested data users, the below visualization shows the sum of annual resource revenue payments in the EITI data for all countries available on ResourceData.org. Use the dropdown to focus on a particular country, re-scaling the y-axis to show countries in the same range of payment amounts. Hover over the lines to see the country. Follow the links below to find the data, or download the complete dataset here.